Why should I stage my home?

The top priority for every seller is to yield the highest net possible in today’s market. That’s my specialty and when we meet we’ll go over specific strategies for your success. One of the topics that often can be confusing is staging. Some questions I often hear are;

  • Why does staging matter?
  • Isn’t having furniture the same thing as staging?

Studies have shown that even the most analytical person is driven by emotions when it comes to making decisions. The analysis then comes later to justify. When buyers walk into your property, you want them to have an emotional WOW impact. Part of staging is to “tell a story” – just as with theater staging. For instance, we might take a small bedroom and stage it as a home office to make it attractive and eliminate objections.

To get an idea of what buyers experience, join me in a walk through of a staged home:

National statistics show that staging increases the net sales price by 5-10%, and decreases the Days on Market (DOM) by 50%.

A prime real life example of “why staging matters” is a luxury condo I sold in Rittenhouse Square. It had a bit of an odd shape, and was used as an office. The seller didn’t want to spend money on staging and felt his office furniture was effective. Despite many showings and open houses – the buyers just weren’t connecting with the property as a luxury condo, and kept asking questions like “where would I put my dining table.” As my client became more motivated, he finally agreed to remove the office furniture from the living area and have it professionally staged. The bedrooms were still used as offices, but the impact was tremendous. We literally got the “WOW” response when buyers walked in, and got it under contract within two weeks of staging.





When we meet, I’ll go over staging options for you to make sure your home gets the “WOW” response, and most important – the highest offer!

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