Rent vs. Buy in Philly? And the winner is….

Real estate agent standing with family near housePhiladelphia is in the spotlight with good news! Local and national articles have recently highlighted Philly as one of the Top 10 USA Cities where it makes more sense to BUY vs Rent;

CNN Money: Philly is a city where it makes more sense to buy.
– Median home price $187,300
– Median rent $1,300
– Breakeven time- 3 years also just posted an article highlighting it’s cheaper to BUY;

So how do you get started? Great question!

Come to our FREE FIRST TIME HOME BUYER SEMINAR on April 5th at 10am.

  • Learn about the home buying process, from online searching to keys in your hands
  • Credit Repair specialist available for Q&A – don’t let your credit problems stop you!
  • Loan Specialist can pre-approve you on the spot!

Please share this with friends or family who haven’t yet bought their first home.

We will be hosting a series of Real Estate Seminars this year – please let us know what topics you’d like to learn about in comments below…

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