How to save on your energy bill

Is that really my bill??
Is that really my PECO bill??

NEWSFLASH! Did you know that Fannie Mae, FHA and VA offer Energy Efficient Mortgages? How?

As we face shocking bills at the end of one of the worst winters in history, maybe it’s time to look at some alternatives:

Solar panels are a fantastic solution, however, the initial installation can be a bit overwhelming, and not every Philly home is well situated for a roof-top panel.

Tankless hot water heaters are common in the high-end resort market of Hawaii, but not often used here in Philly. One of my clients who was selling a Bed & Breakfast in Hawaii had a Paloma tankless system for each unit and it worked very well. Their electric bill was comparable to savings using solar.

As you probably know by now, I love to research. Tankless systems get mixed reviews. It appears the biggest risk is trying to cut corners on not only the unit selected, but the installation;

Interested in eco-friendly homes in Philly? Tell me more;

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