Why are Philly homes so narrow?

It may be an “urban historical myth,” but I learned recently that Philadelphia property taxes used to be based on the frontage (or width) of the home. So large, luxurious homes in Philly are often only 16′ wide, but go up 3 or 4 stories, and back 50+ feet.

Queen Village has a lot of trinity style homes, and I’ve seen some small ones – but a new listing this week in the heart of Queen Village takes my NARROWEST HOME IN PHILLY prize! Only 10′ wide – but it carries itself with tremendous grace and style!

Courtesy of Keller Williams Center City Realty
Courtesy of Keller Williams Center City Realty

The historic charm is truly enchanting. However, some people like a more lateral living space. If Philly’s historic homes aren’t your “cup of tea” – some options to consider are condos and new construction.

Condos in Old City or Loft District converted factories, as well as newer developments in Rittenhouse and Washington Square, like The Ayer and The Murano offer sunlit expansive interiors. New construction townhomes in Graduate Hospital and Pennsport are often 18′ or 20′ wide – if the developer was able to secure a large lot, warehouse or church as the development site. There’s a unique home for every buyer!

One of the things I find exciting about working in real estate is that no two people are alike, and rarely are two properties identical. My job is to understand your needs and help find that perfect home, just for you! For market info on new construction, condos or historic homes – contact me now.

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