Philadelphia 2013 Market Report – Now is the time to sell!

If you’ve weathered through the mortgage crisis and felt as stressed as we do getting through this winter, the good news is we are now in a healthy market with strong buyer demand, low inventory and attractive interest rates – 3 ingredients for a prime time to sell!

Dave Davis, resident statistics guru for TREND/MLS, reports on results for 2013;

In 2013, we saw a remarkable recovery of the housing market; compared to 2012, sales were up 14% and the median sale price was up 4.5%.

If you like details, the report below shows Q4 2013 Sales Statistics for the County of Philadelphia, including a breakdown by zip code:

Ok, that’s the “news” – but you may wonder, “what does that mean for me?” I love Philly’s local charm as a City of 1,000 Neighborhoods, which means a 1,000 markets, too. Each area, and each property has it’s own market statistics.

If market gains tempt you to wait for higher values – please remember as interest rates go up, buying power goes down. Even if the market is 4% higher next year – as interest rates rise, the buyer base for your property declines significantly. You can actualize a higher ‘net’ by selling now with a competitive price in a market with strong buyer demand, low inventory and attractive interest rates.

Is now the right time to sell? Find out with a consultation. We’ll review your unique property’s value in today’s market, tips on how to get the highest ‘net’ value, and how that fits with your goals.

Information is power! Please contact me for a private consultation.

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