THE STABLES in Northern Liberties; Where Eco-Friendly and Luxury Meet

Roland Kassis, Domani Developers; Jonathan Best, Buyer; Johnny McDonald, CitySpace; Susanna Kunkel, Buyer Specialist

Closing the first unit of THE STABLES the same month as Earth Day may be a little luck, and a little serendipity. Roland Kassis, Developer and Johnny McDonald, listing agent have had a long-term vision to create something unusual not only for Philadelphia, but in the United States. Stunningly designed AND Passive Certified is what makes THE STABLES in Northern Liberties so special. What Johnny jokingly calls “Beauty & Brains” is a tremendous mix of high-end energy efficient technology and sleek, luxurious living.

THE STABLES marketing brochure attached explains the technology behind the “brains” much better than I could. But to put it simply, this is a level of GREEN far above and beyond the LEED certifications we’re more familiar with.

Click here for a technical diagram – Passive House Detaills

The new owners are already watching their utility bill run backwards! Passive Certification isn’t common in the United States, but well known in Europe. The amazing mix of high-tech architecture and energy efficiency along with stunning design elements is what caught Jonathan and Sasha’s interest.

Johnny explaining “The Brains” to buyers, Jonathan and Sasha Best

They recognized much of the technology from the time they spent in Germany.But they fell in love with the home in the “first 5 minutes”….

Let them tell you in their own words; Sasha and Jonathan explain why they bought THE STABLES.

Eco-friendly living has come a long way since the introduction of solar powered homes in the 60’s and 70’s. My older brother was a “free love” child and when I was a little girl, we went to Trinidad, Colorado to visit him on his commune.

Drop City is among the first solar-panel-heated homes. Photo by Clarke Richert.

The image of dome huts made of scrap wood, barefoot children covered in dirt, and goats and chickens running in and through the homes was implanted in my brain as the definition of “eco-friendly.”

From “Counter Culture Country” to “Streamlined Urban Luxury”…. Solar based ecological living is comfortably integrated into modern living, not a statement against it.

THE STABLES is a 27-home development located on George Street near The Piazza in Northern Liberties. For more information and details about THE STABLES, check out these recent articles:

For pricing and availability, please contact Susanna Kunkel at 215-920-2888.

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