Why have a Buyer Agent?

There are many benefits to selecting a Buyer Agent, signing a Buyer Agency Agreement and developing a working relationship to accomplish your goals. Being a story-teller is part of my heritage, so please allow me to share part of a story on why that works so well….

A first-time home buyer I met at an Open House recently agreed to work with me as her Buyer Agent after we met and went over the buying process, what it takes to get pre-qualified, what to expect once you’re under contract, etc.  The right home for her was a stretch, the numbers and location were a difficult fit.  Either she’d have to compromise on location or quality to make it work.

We looked at a variety of options in various neighborhoods to see what her budget would allow.  Because of our close, dedicated relationship I developed a clear understanding of what the key issues were, her likes and dislikes, must haves and even dreams for her new home.

When a new listing came on the market with no photos, but a potential fit with price and location, I immediately scheduled a preview, did a video for her and we were prepared with an offer to present once she saw it at Open House.  Based on the condition and price, it was clearly going to be a multiple offer situation. By being first to the table, we were able to secure the opportunity and are now under contract!

For more information about buying property in Philadelphia, please contact me for a complimentary consultation.

Feel free to browse ALL Philadelphia real estate at www.CenterCityPhillyRealEstate.com

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